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International trade promotions

As an Exclusive Trade Development Contractor based in Zürich -Switzerland, we provide information, market research, business match facilitation, trade development mission and exports coaching. These services assist new-to-export and new-to-market, as well as experienced exporters and companies from Foreign Countries to launch, grow and manage their international business in GCC markets. Outbound Trade Missions As a trade facilitator, we are in close liaison with State Trade Agencies and Chamber of Commerce of other countries and we assist outbound trade missions to assess the scope for businesses to enter and establish in the above markets.

The Outbound Trade Mission Services include

  • Prepare & Present the market overview, opportunities and Regulatory framework to export.
  • Organise Market Tours
  • Identify & invite key buyers to the event.
  • Schedule one-on-one meetings between the Seller & the Buyer
  • In conjunction with or independent of the Trade Show / Exhibition
  • Logistics Arrangements
  • Report Preparation
  • Follow Up Industry and Market Opportunity Assessment

We will understand the industrial profile of your country / companies and find business openings that correspond with your interest and expertise. We will,

  • Assess the scope for your products in the markets by reviewing the macroeconomic trends and current state of industry
  • Carry out market channel and segment identification
  • Identify local and international competitors
  • Conduct specific product review with reference to Pricing, Import regulations, Logistics, Customs and Duty
  • Make recommendations based on the above Market Service Support We will prepare basic market information required for initiating new trade associations by providing market intelligence on business opportunities, market sustainability and potential risks and barriers.

We will,

  • Respond to market entry questions such as market viability, business registration checks, import regulation clarification, licensing, certification and distribution channels.
  • Provide timely market intelligence regarding the market conditions, key industry opportunities such as government tenders, duties, trade agreements, legislation, industry specific activities and other information that impacts your industry sectors.
  • Market Opportunity Update. Partner Search – Customer / Agent / Distributor Search We will sift the market and draw up a list of prospective partners – agents, distributors and buyers - for your products, based on their credentials and your requirements.

We will,

  • Explore the market for prospects to partner and identify best fit companies •Meet these potential partners to understand product, distribution channels and objectives
  • Provide report on short listed companies and their background
  • Give recommendations Exhibition Support Participation in regional exhibitions is the most efficacious way to get introduced to new markets. We shall assist you in gaining this first handshake with your prospective buyers by arranging your participation in trade fairs and industrial exhibitions in the above countries.
  • Upon receiving your letter of interest for participation, we will furnish details about the event and co-ordinate with the organizers to book your space as per the requirement of your company and its products.
  • We will provide you with a Pre-participation Business Contact Report that will give you a list of participants and prospective visitors including trade delegations with whom you can open new business dialogues.
  • We will identify clients and customers related to your business interest and invite them to the exhibitions on your behalf and help you forge new alliances.

Business to Business Meetings (B2B)

Effective dialogue can lead to fruitful, long term business collaborations, and we will assist you in making contacts with the right people in the market for business. Once the process of identifying and qualifying probable partners is complete, we will generate mutual interest, and open channels of communication between you and your prospective associates to build new partnerships.

  • We will provide detailed profiles of the candidates for you to assess, based on which you can draw up business proposals.
  • In return, we will provide your credentials to the companies with which you may want to initiate business.
  • We will schedule meetings between you and the company for detailed discussions on prospective deals.

New markets entry

Entering new markets can be a challenging proposition and only a meticulous study and comprehensive understanding of the new market can help you gain advantage over competitors. Knowing market characteristics, trends and consumer behavior is primary to new product entry and our services are at hand for international companies willing to explore new routes to the market and evaluate the future of their business in UAE, GCC, Iraq and Yemen. Pre Market Analysis and Advocacy We conduct market potential research, estimate the market size, and identify access points and opportunities for your products. We review the local and international competition; coupled with market potential estimate, we enable you to plan suitable marketing strategies in the new environment.

  • We assess the trends in the market by understanding consumer needs, buying patterns, consumption swings and other historical data that are key to designing marketing plans for your products. Dealing with dynamic markets needs strategic intelligence and key market indicators that will influence your business.
  • We provide sector and sub sector analysis based on economic and demographic patterns in the region which will in turn impact the future of your new venture in these markets. To make your entry in the new markets easy and free from regulatory hurdles, we provide an overview of trade laws governing the markets, furnish accurate details on packaging standards, country of origin, duties, customs and import regulations and keep you informed of changes in laws concerning trade in the region. Based on an in depth analysis of the market trends, we offer market entry and expansion recommendations. This includes studying the feasibility of entering a market, designing export strategies, establishing distribution channels, and managing the new contracts with regular follow ups. Distributor/ Partner/ Agent Identification We identify and compile a list of potential distributor/partners/agents in UAE, GCC , Iraq and Yemen. We conduct telephonic interviews, personal meetings to assess the suitability & compatibility to be your potential partner.
  • We set up B2B meeting between the client and the shortlisted candidates for furtherance of interest. Market Development Service We conduct research and assess the scope for business with new customers / retailers for your products by extending possibilities beyond the existing distribution channel We meet the potential customers and put forward your business interest.
  • We present catalogues, introduce them to your product range and estimate the potential order quantities for each product. After the establishment of the partnership, we conduct regular follow up, and present periodical status reports on the business.

Marketing outsourcing When a company has a product that has the potential to be a market leader, but does not have the support system to give it the positioning it deserves in the market, we step in with our resources to introduce the product to the market, add value to it and make it a force to be reckoned with. In short we work as an external marketing team and essentially execute everything which the marketing department does. We synergize your strength in manufacturing and our skills in marketing to build brand equity and help you attain leadership position. Whether you are a start-up or an existing enterprise, when you outsource your marketing function, you have the following advantages- Reduce/ eliminate the need to maintain an in-house marketing team, thereby cutting costs Focus on core competency of manufacturing, leaving the marketing task to the experts Leverage on the combined capabilities of a team of marketing experts who will work on increasing demand for your products, thereby enhancing your market share and profitability

Business Development and Marketing Plan Execution Growth and expansion is a natural process in the evolution of a successful enterprise. It involves meticulous planning and efficient execution by a dedicated team of professionals like Arab Swiss Consulting ASC that knows the nuances of the market, studies the strengths of your business and fills the gaps in between.

As your business development advisors we,

Make comprehensive short/ mid/ long term marketing plans and execute strategies for market share expansion. Explore and analyse the market to identify new opportunities. Work with you in examining new business models and offer third party perspective. Conduct feasibility studies for the new business plans and help you introduce new product lines.

Need based external marketing team We work on a project to project basis, knowing your individual business needs and design customized strategies that will be efficiently executed to reach your specific goals As an external marketing team, we manage and promote your brand, and help you become market leaders. Our service areas include (but not limited to) Products, Packaging, SKU Rationalization, Segmentation, Pricing and Promotion strategies. Sales Strategy, New Channel & New markets entry.

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