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Projektmanagement - Arab Swiss Consulting ASCThe expectations with regard to goals and solutions frequently differ diametrically in multicultural negotiating groups. This can be observed in everyday working life when Swiss employees want to enforce a linear, task-oriented way of working, without taking other perspectives in the multicultural team into account or looking for solutions together with the other team members.

This makes the consensus finding process extremely difficult or impossible. In contrast, negotiating with Arab partners requires the ability to handle unclear and unstructured ideas with regard to the roles of the partners involved.

The task of a multicultural project management is to take the different requirements of the interest groups into consideration and to reconcile them with one another.

Problem- and solution-oriented coaching and training measures help to identify the different styles of working and to align them to one other. You can thus convert the cultural differences into a win-win situation and achieve successful collaboration with your Arab partners in all phases of a project.

Arab Swiss Consulting offers you the following services:

  • We make the interests and intentions of the Arab side transparent and comprehensible for you and you thus learn to see your project from the perspective of your Arab business partners.
  • Finding distributors in every Arab country through our research expertise, our experienced contacts and our network partners
  • We make you familiar with the typical negotiation strategies and tactics of your Arab partners and show you how you can effectively use the breaks in negotiations and how you can get out of deadlocked negotiation situations again.
  • Managing your already established distributors on your behalf
  • With our coaching and training measures, which have been tried and tested in multicultural environments, you and your team have an instrument at hand to enable you to successfully conduct negotiations with your Arab business partners
  • Defining the best sales strategy and determining your individually matched distribution channels-Developing a Sales Organization
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