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Business Consulting Egypt


For those conducting business in Egypt for the first time, there are some general rules and guidelines to help ensure a successful endeavor. 
•egyptian business set up is very formal – respect and deference for people in authority
•Egyptian intermediary is necessary for arranging appointments and separate intermediaries are recommended if conducting business in multiple cities
•Hospitality and professional appearance are highly valued therefore always accept an offered beverage and be sure both your hotel and clothing reflect a high standard of quality. During negotiations,  observe the designated seating arrangement, and if possible your team should include seasoned and well-decorated professionals, as this lends great credibility.
• Reputation is also critical, thus it is recommended to establish a non-threatening work environment and welcome the full participation of the group.
•Keep in mind that Egyptian business structures operate with a adhered-to hierarchal structure, with each person in the organization being held to and adhering to their own distinct role. 

Managers ultimately make decisions, after consultations with all involved parties, and subordinates implement this decision.  Respect between the employees and managers  is critical to achieve results, as successful cross cultural management depends on the individual’s interpersonal skills and ability to maintain cordial relationships with their subordinates.
•Enough to time for projects should be accounted given that Egypt’s intercultural adaptability and readiness for change is minimal, therefore projects must undergo careful step-by-step analysis before coming to fruition. 

Additionally, it is important to keep in mind that deadlines and timescales are fluid. Priority is given to relationship-building over strict deadlines, and observing this priority will help ensure the potential of future dealings. Reinforcing the importance of a particular deadline and its necessity to the organization is advisable to ensure timeliness.   
•Finally, contracts and agreements should provide detailed and clear expectations and obligations of both parties in order to avoid any cross cultural miscommunications.

Arab Swiss Consulting offers you the following services:

  • Inform you about the business fields that are currently important in Egypt.

  • Consult you with the selection of the products applicable to the decision-makers in Egypt.

  • Advise you in the preparation and presentation of tenders.

  • Help in the translation of information brochures, product descriptions, etc.

  • Offer a complete organization of business trips to meet the decision makers from business and politics in Egypt.

  • Spport for the settlement of transactions from the first interview to the contract.

  • Inform you about the investment and economic laws in Egypt.

  • Offer complete support for the selection of office buildings and accommodation in Egypt for your employees, the recruitment of Egypt employees.

  • Expand contact to the authorities, companies, organizations, lawyers and notaries.

  • Expand contacts to the Egyptshen industry, trade associations and chambers.

  • Export- Consulting-Business -Consulting und trade agency Egypt

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